FlexLine coaxial cables


Type of cableInner conductorDielectricOHM
RG 60.744.875
RG 82.257.2550
RG 1111.27.2575
RG 580.92.9550
RG 590.63.775
RG 1740.481.550
RG 1780.30.8850
RG 1790.321.675
RG 2132.257.2550
RG 2142.257.2550
RG 2230.892.9550
RG 3160.541.550

FlexLine® coaxial cables

We develop and manufacture coaxial and multi coaxial cables for a wide range of applications in telecommunications (e.g. microwave technology, UMTS, LTE). Data and signals can be transmitted without interference in a variety of frequency ranges.

Our coaxial cables feature excellent electromagnetic shielding and a uniform foaming of the dielectric. One of our specialities is our unique skin-foam-skin extrusion.

In addition to customized product solutions, our product portfolio also contains:

  • Single shielded coaxial cable with foil
  • Single shielded coaxial cable without foil
  • Coaxial cable with foil, double shielded
  • Double shielded coaxial cable with foil
  • Coaxial cable with corrugated copper jacket and foamed dielectric

Optional characteristics

  • Low attenuation
  • Highly flexible
  • Flame resistant and halogen free (LSZH)
  • Different RG types available
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • VDE, UL and CSA approval
  • Small outer diameter