Data center

Reliable connectivity for more speed and bandwidth

Internet of Things, cloud computing, smart applications,... we deliver space-saving network components for the reliable and energy-efficient transmission of constantly growing data rates in data centers.

With our in-house design capabilities for PCBs, connectors, copper and fiber optic cables, we harmonize the entire transmission channel and develop high-performance connections with low latency and excellent signal integrity - for more flexibility in data center planning, scalability and migration. Our global network and modern RF labs ensure the consistently high quality of our products worldwide. 

Our interconnects are the key to unlock your data center’s limitation

    • The key to 800 Gbit/s and beyond. The superior signal integrity of our active and passive high speed interconnects creates availability, scalability and possibilities for migration.
    • The key to cost-effective energy and cable management. Increased link lengths and plug & play solutions with coordinated connection components reduce space requirements and installation times.
    • The key to reliable and sustainable solutions. Extensive in-line process control and automated production ensure product stability at frequencies of up to 60 GHz and more.
    • The key to countless design possibilities. For panels, backplanes and networks we supply general and customized connections with different standards. We work with technology leaders and user organisations on new and existing specifications and standards.

    Our products for data centers