PFA space cables

Space cables with coloured PFA jacket

In addition to space cables according to ESCC specifications, we offer a big variety of leightweight and thin cables with PFA jacket. Their conductors are constructed of stranded silver plated copper or silver plated copper alloy wires to conform the demands on high flexibility and low weight. Insulations are made of solid FEP or PTFE and Polyimide tapes. PFA and FEP jackets and insulations are colour coded to facilitate the assembly.


  • lightweight and small
  • highly flexible
  • low-outgassing material use
  • resistant to extreme temperature ranges from -200 to +200 °C
  • vibration and shock resistant
  • electromagnetic compatible
  • voltage rating: up to 600 V

Colour coding of insulation

No. of cores12345
Colour of insulationredbluegreenyellowbrown


Colour coding of PFA jacket

Colour of PFA jacketblueredgreenyellowbrownvioletwhite