Switchboard cables

RF-switchboard cable assemblies for xDSL

We provide a wide range of high-quality cable systems with data transmission rates of up to 10 GHz for vectoring capable connections of central offices in telephone networks. Our symmetric high-frequency cables are VDE, UL and CSA recognized as well as temperature resistant to heat and cold caused by the weather. Thus, the pre-assembled linecard connecting cables are suitable for use in indoor- and outdoor-Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs).

Our RF-switchboard cables for xDSL-applications are produced with different numbers of wires and pins, as well as in standardized or customized versions with diverse diameters and lengths. We terminate the robust bulk cable with linecard-connectors in order to transmit data safely between local loop and server.

For the continued broadband transmission in telephone networks, we also supply the proper fiber-optic components.

Optional characteristics

  • for use in indoor and outdoor DSLAMs
  • for fix installation
  • with VDE, UL and CSA approval
  • flame-retardant and halogen free