Multi coaxial cables

Multi coaxial cables

We manufacture our multi coaxial cables according to specific customer requirements for a range of different purposes, including, for example, signal transmission in switchboards or mobile phone base stations.

Our cables provide you with:

  • Outstanding signal integrity
  • Special insulation systems
  • Low insertion loss
  • Excellent impedance tolerance
  • Minimal bending radii
  • Excellent return loss
  • VDE, UL and CSA approval

These are some examples of our multi coaxial cables:

Order numberL45466-D712-Y5L45466-D3212-C16L45466-B614-C6
Coaxial elements7 x AWG 28, TPE jacket32 x AWG 28, FRNC jacket6 x AWG 17, FRNC jacket
Type designation6Y02Y(ST)12Y (ST)CY 7X0.32/1.6-75 VS02YS(ST)CH 32X0.31/1.4-75 GR02YS(ST)CH (ST)CH 6X1.2/3.2-50 FRNC
Jacket materialPVCFRNCFRNC
Mechanical properties 
Outer diameter7.5 mm (0.295 in)20.2 mm (0.795 in)17.5 mm (0.689 in)
Weight65 kg/km (44 lb/1000 ft)471 kg/km (317 lb/1000 ft)410 kg/km (274.8 lb/1000 ft)
Permissable temperature range– 10 °C up to 70 °C (–14 °F up to 158 °F)– 25 °C up to 80 °C (–13 °F up to 176 °F)-40 °C up to 80°C (-40 °F up to 176 °F)
Electrical properties 
Impedance(75 ±3) ohm(75 ±3) ohm(50 ±3) ohm
Capacity59 nF/km53 nF/km80 nF/km
Attenuation values80.7 dB/100m (at 500 MHz)32 dB/100 m (at 200 MHz)49 dB/100 m (at 2200 MHz)
Characteristics and standards
  • jacket material acc. to DIN VDE 0207, compoundtype YM3
  • jacket material acc. to DIN EN 50290-2-27 (HD 624.7)
  • RoHS compliant
  • jacket material acc. to DIN EN 50290-2-27 (HD 624.7)
  • flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-3-24 (Cat. C)
  • RoHS compliant
  • UV resistant