BizLink Demonstrates Low Power 800 G Active Copper Cable Solution with Broadcom PHY Technology at OFC 2023

Friesoythe, Germany - BizLink, a leading global interconnect solutions provider, today announced the availability of low power 800 G active copper cable (ACC) solution for data center and cloud applications. The solution leverages Broadcom’s low power 800 G AEC PHY device, the BCM87850, to achieve sub-7.5 W power consumption on each connector end. BizLink’s Telecommunication Systems Business Unit (TSBU) and Broadcom will demonstrate this joint ACC solution in the booth #6425 at the Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) 2023 exhibition in San Diego, California from March 7th to 9th.

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Combining ‘eye-opening’ ParaLink low loss bulk cables with Broadcom’s latest active low-power retimer chip (BCM87850) using 7 nm technology, a QSFP-DD form factor assembly for 800 G data center applications was manufactured. The joint solution features 3.5 m link length at low-power 7.5 W/end. It allows smaller cable diameters and therefore increases packing density, facilitates ventilation, and reduces cooling effort in data centers.   

The power consumption of less than 7.5 W/end during realistic traffic simulation in Layer-1 BERT testing shows this technology is poised for solving current and future data center challenges with demanding requirements on thermal management and stability.

Excellent signal integrity and BER-margins shown with this 3.5 m assembly promise even thinner cables at use-case lengths of 2.5 m catering to the needs of increasing packing density, facilitating ventilation and cooling in state-of-the-art data centers. “Broadcom has created a solution enabling us to significantly reduce power consumption of 800 G active cables while maintaining the benefits of extending link lengths and reducing cable diameter” said Dr. Hendrik Coldenstrodt-Ronge, Managing Director and Vice President of TSBU at BizLink. “This offering complements our high-performance portfolio of copper interconnect solutions for data centers. With DACs, redriver solutions, and now this high performance retimer cable we can accommodate a broad range of our customers’ requirements at 800 G.” 

“Partnering with cable manufacturers in providing a retiming solution optimized for 800 G Active DAC application to overcome connectivity bottlenecks and achieve CAPEX efficiencies in data centers, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other data-intensive workloads shows our continued commitment to developing an innovative and industry-leading high-speed retimer portfolio,” said Vijay Janapaty, Vice President and General Manager of the Physical Layer Products Division at Broadcom.